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Baby & Pregnancy

Babies at birth undergo one of the most powerful and stressful journey of their all life. Whether through the normal birth canal or through caesarian section, birth and sometimes prenatal life itself, can leave 'stresses' or 'imprints' on the new baby's body in the form of tension through his/her soft structure which, if left unreleased, can lead to various ailments such as difficulty to sleep, digest food (regurgitation, problems passing stools) and generally settle down in their new environment.

Cranial osteopathy is used to release the tension accumulated during intra-uterine life and birth and help babies to have a good start in life.

Expecting mothers also go through tremendous body changes as they progress through their pregnancy. Preexisting tension might become exacerbated as the need for space within their body increases. The constantly growing foetus also requires a permanent adaptation of the many structures and organs within their own body which may require some help to progress harmoniously through the different stages.

Cranial osteopathy can help to release tension and discomfort and keep a sense of balance as the body of expecting mothers changes throughout pregnancy.

Treatment pricing (*)

£ 110 for First osteopathy consultation and treatment for baby / children up to 7 (50 mins)

£ 100 for Follow up for baby / children aged 0-7 (40 mins)

£ 110 for First osteopathy consultation and treatment for children aged 8-14 (60 mins)

£ 100 for Follow up for children aged 8-14 (40 mins)

[Prices effective from 1 May 2023]

* For prices for 15 years+ and adult see
Cranial Osteopathy or Naturopathy