If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give 24 hours' notice, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply.


Naturopathy is a dynamic approach to health, which recognizes that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself as long as certain basics are available to it: the correct nutrients, adequate rest, exercise, fresh air, clean water and sunlight.

If problems ensue, Naturopaths will use a number of integrated treatments to assist your return to wellbeing.

A Naturopath will create a natural health and lifestyle programme for you, designed to stimulate your body's own natural healing powers.

Treatment pricing (*)

£ 170 for First Consultation and Treatment (90 mins)

£ 115 for Follow-up (30-40 min)

[Prices effective from 1 May 2023]

* Prices are for 15 years+ and adult
  ( for babies and young children
Baby and Pregnancy )

Treatments can include:
  • dietary plans
  • nutritional supplements
  • detoxification
  • hydrotherapy to encourage circulation
  • homeopathic and herbal remedies
  • counselling
  • hypnotherapy
  • and if appropriate, physical therapy (osteopathy and massage)