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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a form of Osteopathy that utilises very gentle manipulative techniques, which is likened to a very light touch involving sometimes very soft movements, frequently imperceptible to the patient. The purpose of these techniques is to allow tight or abnormally tensed tissues to gently relax, let go of their internal tension and return to a state of normal tension.

The term of cranial osteopathy was coined after it was first developed around the head (the cranium) but is in fact misleading as those techniques can be used to treat the whole body.

Treatments, like for the more structural osteopathy, involved a careful medical history taking and a clinical examination by the practitioner. Cranial osteopathy, because of its inherent gentleness, can be used on any person, from very small babies of a few hours to elderly patient and of course with pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy. Cranial Osteopathy is extremely safe. Improvements are sometimes felt straight away after the treatment or sometimes after a few days.

Treatment pricing (*)

£ 125 for First Consultation and Treatment (45-60 min)

£ 115 for Follow-up (30-40 min)

[Prices effective from 1 May 2023]

* Prices are for 15 years+ and adult
  ( for babies and young children
Baby and Pregnancy )